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Household Appliances

We create glass elements and finishing for household appliances. Owing to advanced technology, as well as advanced tests, our company makes elements that are completely safe for people, inter alia: glass panes and shelves for fridges, glass covers for cookers. Thanks to the cooperation with top designers, our products are characterised by a modern and unique shape and design.
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We use best quality toughened glass for the manufacture of household appliances industry products, while employing our long-term experience and the most cutting-edge machinery park.
The glass for household appliances is, above all, toughened glass, that is glass which is safe in use. Toughened glass has a broad area of application in the household appliances industry. The toughening consists in heating the glass to a high temperature (620–680°C) and rapid cooling in the stream of compressed air, as a result of which compressive tension occurs in the surface layer. This process significantly increases mechanical strength, elasticity and greater plasticity.

Due to glass toughening, GLASPO makes, inter alia: flat toughened glass, glass bent to cylindrical shapes, flat toughened glass pained with hardened ceramic paints.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we make, inter alia:
– ventilation hoods
– induction hobs for cookers
– glass covers for cookers
- shelves for fridges
- finishing for fridges