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Nowadays, the glass used in the construction industry is mainly bent glass. For this purpose, as ones of the first in Poland, we established in Grzegorzew a modern technological line for glass bending and toughening. This project, executed in 2004, is unique in the scale of our country.
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In bent glass production for the construction industry, we assume that with more opportunities designers will benefit from them more and more frequently and boldly.
The bent glass manufactured by our company is a response to the construction industry demand as well as to bolder and bolder visions of architects. At our company, we use the toughened glass technology in manufacture, as part of which glass may be delivered to the dimensions of even 2000 x 2400 mm, in the sheet development upon the bending of the longer edge. The thickness of a plate subjected to processing is within the range of 3 to 10 mm. The pane deflection depends on the bending radius, which may be given within the range from 400 to 20000 mm.

When performing an order for multiple glazed bent units, we act with great care when agreeing upon the physical parametres of the bent package with the ordering party. In case of functional glasses, we perform bending only on the glass which has a coating suited to Sun-Guard toughening.

During the manufacture, we put a great emphasis on the due care of workmanship, owing to which our products are always of the highest quality without any surface defects.

The bent and toughened glass manufactured by GLASPO is a safe glass with a broad application in the following:
- stair handrails,
- lift shaft glazing,
- shower cubicles,
- roofs and roofings.

In addition, we make multiple glazed units which are used in building facades, that is, such building elements as outside, heat-insulating glazing, glazing of internal walls, as well as specialist glazing in sports and exhibition facilities.